Monday, April 16, 2012

Tutorial: How to Make Tassels

Today I’m hosting Tutorial Monday on Paper Craft Planet!  I'll be showing you how to make tassels to use on cards and 3D projects. This tutorial is for making 1” tassels, but for longer versions, just cut the card stock the length of the tassel, plus 1/2”. Cut embroidery thread as needed for your project.

Cut card stock: 2” x 1-1/2”.
Cut embroidery thread: 4”, 7” and 36” (or as needed).

1. Fold card stock in half. Place the 7” thread inside fold.

2. Wrap 36” thread around folded card stock 8-12 times, depending on thickness needed.

3. Insert scissors between card stock fold. Cut all thread layers on lower edge.

4. Bring the 7” thread to upper edge and tie together. Tie again to secure.

5. Gather all layers of folded thread and with the 4” thread, tie a double knot near top.

6. Trim bottom edges.

Thanks for stopping by! Tomorrow I'll be sharing with you a project using tassels... hope to see you then!

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Debbie K. said...

Wonderful post, Adela. Love the tassel and thanks for sharing!
- DebbieK

Liana Miranda said...

agora, ficou fácil !

Obrigada, pelo Tutorial !!