Tuesday, October 11, 2011

FALL AGLOW - PCP Challenge

Happy Fall, everyone! I'm hosting this week's 3D Tuesday over at Paper Craft Planet! Fall is upon us and just the other day, my daughter mentioned how she loves seeing the different colors of leaves on the trees.  It's not too common where we live (in Southern California), but there are some lovely Autumn colors around -- we just have to look for them sometimes! That gave me the idea for this week's challenge.

My inspiration came from a set of 16 glass votives that I purchased last Summer for only $5.00 using a coupon -- great deal, huh?  I wanted to incorporate the beautiful colors of Fall leaves using glass votives as a base.  So, the challenge is: Decorate a glass container (clean jar or glass votive) using a Fall theme. I decided to use Fall leaves for my project, but you can use anything Fall related.

Since Fall colors are sometimes hard to come by around here, I had to come up with an alternative to make my own Fall leaves. Here's how I made mine:

Alcohol Inks in various Fall colors
Felt and Applicator for the inks
Vellum paper
Glue dots
Glass votives or clean jar
Tea Lights (I used the flameless ones)

You can also use: Dried leaves or thin paper like mulberry, crepe paper, tissue, lightweight paper, etc.  If using real leaves, they should be flexible enough to wrap around container without cracking.  Trim as needed to fit size of glass container.

1. Randomly dab and rub inks on vellum using felt and applicator.
2. Tear vellum into leaf shapes (A)
3. Fold "leaf" in half lengthwise; crease (B)
4. Form "veins" by creasing diagonally from side edge to middle crease on both sides (C, D)
5. Attach to glass with glue dots.
6. Tie ribbon or twine around glass to secure leaves.

Whether you're using paper or real leaves, the tips should not go past the top of the glass container to prevent catching on fire.

That's it!  Now it's your turn.  Be sure to upload you photo to Paper Craft Planet and upload your photo with the tag 3d135.

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Tethered2Home said...

I love this, Adela! We just had Canadian Thanksgiving here & I'm in an 'autumn mood'.

Patti J said...

These are beautiful, Adela! I thought they were real leaves - never dreamed they would be vellum. You are SO creative! Beautifully done, my friend!!!