Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Haute Tote - New Template

The last few weeks, I've been experimenting with svg files and my new Cricut Expression cutting machine. I am absolutely hooked on my new Cricut! It took some time to learn not only a new illustrating program (Inkscape), but I also had to learn how to use Sure Cuts a Lot, a software that enables the computer to tell the Cricut what to cut. If you haven't tried using a cutting machine, you are missing out on something fabulous! These gadgets save so much time cutting templates, embellishments, words -- you name it -- it's amazing! What I've been doing is not only designing new templates, but now I can tell my computer what I want my cutting machine to cut! No More Scissors!

Okay, now that I've explained a little bit about another option for scissors, I want to show you the new template that I've been working on. This tote was inspired by designer bags -- you know, the ones with initials all over the fabric or leather -- Louis something or other.

Pictured here are some of the bags I made with my new template, Haute Tote. The brown one on top has real stitching along the handles and trim. The beige one has faux stitching, which looks pretty real unless you're staring at it up close.

The yellow one on the right is going to be a "diaper bag" gift bag. It can be filled with a few baby things.

Well, thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Thursday!



Shower with Blessings said...

That is so COOL!!!! I cannot wit to getmy Cricut! THank you for sharing this!

Annette said...

Love it!! How tall and wide is the finished bag?

Thank you so much,

Diane said...

I love this tote, just tooo cute. I have tried several times today to order the template and I get as far as my Paypal acct and the page just goes off.

Would you check and see if there is something wrong with your site? I don't think it is my computer since it hasn't happened anywhere else I went.

Thanks, Diane